Lucy Casacia
Vice President Cities and Infrastructure Projects
Siemens Canada Limited
As the VP of Cities and Infrastructure Projects, Ms. Casacia is responsible for all related activities for Siemens in Canada related to Smart Cities, Intelligent Infrastructure, and Sustainable city solutions. Specifically, she is responsible for providing support, strategic input for city building, resiliency, and best practice sharing for Siemens’ Urban Technology portfolio. Lucy is a well-known speaker in the realm of smart infrastructure solutions, CO2 mitigation strategies, resiliency, and future-ready critical infrastructure. She is part of a global team based in London, UK, Atlanta, USA and works directly with Siemens cities specialists to bring best practices from Siemens’ experience around the globe.
Siemens offers solutions for cities such as smart city (digital) solutions; smart parking; intelligent buildings; safety and security; energy and energy storage; transportation, smart grid; microgrid; distributed energy; electrification including modernizing electrical infrastructure for transit, water and wastewater plants. Siemens’ broad portfolio has helped major urban centres worldwide to become resilient, digitally enabled, reduce CO2 emissions, while helping increase efficiency and reducing operating costs. Siemens also supports 100 Resilient Cities program with the Rockefeller Foundation with active participation for resilient infrastructure solutions.
Experience with local infrastructure such as the Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games 2015, has brought local smart infrastructure solutions into the region. While serving as the Program Director for 2015 Pan Am Games (Toronto), Ms Casacia managed the cross-divisional team to eliver many solutions for venue infrastructure in the GTHA. Ms. Casacia brings to Siemens extensive experience in the areas of engineering, construction management, and commissioning of capital expansion projects. She is a graduate of McMaster University and has a Masters Certificate in Strategic Leadership from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Lucy served as a Director for Oakville Hydro (2015), and is a Director of
Oakville Enterprises Corporation since June 2016. She is actively involved with Smarter Cities Toronto. Lucy is also an active supporter of the Oakville Chapter of Professional Engineers of Ontario and Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE).

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